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    High-Volume Sending

    SenderSpark's infrastructure is scalable to meet your demand. There are no limitations to sending. While our competetion limits your monthly sending volume, SenderSpark has NO MONTHLY SENDING LIMITS.

  • features2

    Advanced Delivery

    Your company is assigned a dedicated unique pool of IP addresses. SenderSpark’s priority sending delivers emails throughout the IP pool using proprietary technology. Each IP pool is configured with DKIM, feedback loops and whitelisting.

  • features3

    Account Manager

    You are assigned a dedicated Account Manager available at your disposal, to help you get the most out of SenderSpark’s feature rich capabilities.

  • features4

    SenderSpark Platform

    SenderSpark comes loaded with...

    • Drag-and-Drop Responsive HTML Builder

    • Inbox Test Suite

    • Conditional Sending

    • ReCampaign(s)

    • IP Priority Sending

    • Tracking Swapping

    • Per-campaign Suppression Lists

    • Sub-Level User Access (With List Protection)

    • Beautiful Analytics

  • features5

    SenderSpark API

    SenderSpark's API can easily integrate into you website, shopping cart, transactional platform, CRM, Mobile Application or custom platform. Our API security allows you to enable specific IPs to gain access to your account.

  • features6

    Sub-Level User Access

    Administrators can create an unlimited number of user accounts with limited access. Want to protect your email list, but also want to give access to a user? With SenderSpark you can specify sub-user accounts that are unable to see the emails in your lists.

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